Cultural competency

What we do?

First we’ll meet with you – hui – to get to know each other, discuss your needs, and start to consider what we can do for you. Once we’ve agreed on our best approach, we’ll deliver!

Delivery could look like:

  • one intensive training session for your leadership or entire team (over a period of days)
  • a series of regular sessions
  • a noho – stay – on a marae
  • tailor-made resources to socialise approaches, values, tikanga, and the basic principles you’re wanting to embed. These could be visual, video, audio, paper-based, or online.
  • ongoing cultural advice

How we do it

Our approach is all about creating āhurutanga – safety – so that we can break down every barrier that’s stopping your people from learning and feeling confident. There is so much complexity around why our cultural competence might be low – both individually and collectively within your organisational culture. Experience tells us that the place to start is connection. Finding commonality. We call that whanaungatanga – finding common ground to build on. Once we’ve done that, we find that fears and anxieties dissipate, natural curiosities are given a voice, and people start to ask and address the things they’ve always wondered about. It’s our absolute specialty – being approachable, demystifying, raising awareness and confidence.
We’ll always start with the absolute foundations of cultural competency, and that doesn’t mean only the “basics” like pronunciation, learning how to introduce yourself, learning some waiata and how to go through a pōwhiri. We start with the WHY. We make sure people connect deeply and personally with WHY Māori think and see the world the way we do. WHY we have practices and tikanga and kawa. What’s the purpose behind them , the thinking. This is learning on such a deeper level than learning by wrote, or memorising words and facts. If it doesn’t increase real ability to see things differently, and change behaviours because of that, we won’t do it.

What we won't do

We won’t help you tick boxes for the sake of ticking boxes. We won’t do one-off, one-touch sessions that might be inspirational but won’t provide any real and lasting change. We won’t work with your people without having first trained your leaders. We’re only in this for real, meaningful, enduring change. Anything else is a waste of your money and everyone’s time.
So if you’re ready to do this, and do it well, if you’re ready to invest and engage long term to see real results, if you’re ready to give your people a gift they will have with them for life AND have your organisation reap the benefits of that, let’s talk.