the need for cultural competency in aotearoa

We could talk about bi-culturalism, multi-culturalism, and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  We could talk about a need to raise competency in things Māori for all New Zealanders.  We could talk about the post-treaty settlement era and hapū and iwi being involved in big business, and all of the opportunities for our economy.  But what we really want to talk about is people.  Getting along.  If you want to work with Māori clients, stakeholders, communities, individuals, even colleagues, you’ll feel more confident doing that if you raise your awareness.  Work on your pronunciation.  Learn some tikanga (protocols) and the thinking behind it.  Get insight into some Māori ways of thinking, doing, and being.  And all in a culturally safe, relaxed, inclusive environment.  He aha ōu whakaaro?  Whaddya reckon?

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